iPhone 6/6 Plus Clutch Purse with Detachable Phone Case

iPhone 6 Clutch style purse with detachable case that can be removed to comfortable talk and then return it back to purse and the case will magnetically stick to the clutch. This is the most convenient way to use the Clutch and the phone. You can even be talking on the phone and using your clutch at the same time. No uncomfortable purse going against your ear.The clutch has leather grain feel and is made from Vegan Leather. Inside it has multiple slots to hold your credit cards and picture ID and a secured zippered section that can hold your valuables. The clutch has a wrist-let with double stitch that will keep your clutch securely on your hand. The snap button will keep your phone secured inside the clutch while giving you access to either charger or listen to music without ever taking your phone out of the clutch. Comes in Multiple colors Available for iPhone 6 4.7 inch or the Plus 5.5 inch Size for 4.7 in. iPhone : 6in Tall X 3.5in Wide X 1.5in ThickSize for 5.5 in iPhone Plus 7 in Tall X 4 in Wide X 1.5 in Thick All size are Approx and will fit the phone perfectly.